Volume 2 of 28 is here

Almost a year in the making, the second volume of 28 is here. The whole team and our amazing contributors have worked hard to make a worthy follow up to last year’s inaugural volume.

In the volume we have articles by Dave Taylor, Tuomas Pirinen, Paul Stagg, Maron Szopa and many, many more. At over 180 pages it is sure to include something for everyone that enjoys the Warhammer hobby.

5 responses to “Volume 2 of 28 is here”

  1. Well done! Lovely read so far👌💀

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  2. Down loaded, and ready to print after work. I don’t think the boxx would be too impressed with me reading it at present 🙂

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    1. Alexander Winberg Avatar
      Alexander Winberg

      Haha! Better not get into trouble at work 😉


  3. […] 28 has launched its second issue, a full year in the making. As you leaf through the virtual pages you’ll soon see […]

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  4. Time to plunge back into the depth of the Dark Millenium. Congrats 28 team and thanks to all of your contributors for this second run. Cheers

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