Hail Earthlings!

We are incredibly happy to see that volume 2 has been received so well! The amount of encouraging messages and well wishes we have received has been most humbling. It is a true pleasure to now start work on volume 3!

Now, this is where you – our readers and writers – come in, for we are again accepting submissions. For volume 3 we are looking for articles for The Forge – that is tutorials, guides and tips and tricks on how to build, convert and paint both miniatures and terrain.

We are also looking for Cranial Matter articles. Have you got an interesting idea for an article that focuses on a setting, a game system or a piece of the background? Why not contact us and we can discuss the idea with you. We would, for example, be very interested to hear from you if you can offer insight into such games as Confrontation (the forerunner to Necromunda), Laserburn or Dark Future.

Our Hazmat gallery section is the place for you if you have some great miniatures that you would like to show. We are especially looking for miniatures for the Specialist Game systems, both old and new. That includes Necromunda, Mordheim, Blood Bowl, Adeptus Titanicus and many more. But remember to keep it dark and grim.

Before submitting, be sure to read our guidelines on the link below. It would also be useful to have a read through the magazine itself, which will give you the best idea of the standard and types of submissions we are after.


Please note the deadline for completed submissions is 31/05/2020. You’d better start writing!

Volitare-28 // Editor


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