Changes to Team 28

The time has come to announce a few changes here in Tower 28. As you already know, our former illuminator, Nicolas Grillet, has joined the right honourable Games Workshop. We are thrilled for Nicolas; this is an amazing opportunity for him. But we are also happy to announce that Martin Trese has joined us as our new illuminator. You can expect to see more of him in volume 3!

Our long suffering designer James has done an amazing job with the style of the magazine, but unfortunately he has failed to meet his manufactorum quota and, in a bizarre turn of events, has been turned into a servitor! This shocking twist meant that we had to lock him in a cell, deep below Tower 28 to work on a top secret project. But what does this mean for volume 3 of 28? Fear not faithful acolytes! We have recruited Paul-Friedrich von Bargen as our new graphic designer. While we are truly saddened over James’s cruel fate, we can only look to the future with hope.

To make sure we keep producing the magazine at a steady pace, we have also recruited the mysterious Adam Wier as an editor. Who knew that there was a third, hidden, Wier brother?! Truly these are strange times.

We will see you soon, for we have many surprises coming!


3 responses to “Changes to Team 28”

  1. A surprise? I’m thinking an exclusive 28 miniature based on a John Blanche character…
    Am I right? Am I…? 😊

    • It’s an interesting idea, but keep in mind that we don’t have the rights to reproduce John Blanche’s art in miniature format.

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