The 28 Challenge is here!

The Challenge 2020:

The Fifth Chaos God

We all know and love the four Chaos Gods; no matter what setting you prefer, you can count on the Four Gods being there. But what if there was a new god, a god made by you?
In 1990, Games Workshop released Realm of Chaos: the Lost and the Damned. Included in the book were proper old school tables for rolling up your very own Chaos god and its daemons.
30 years later, #28mag invites you all to create your very own daemon god. To take part, all you need to do is build a daemonic servant of your own Chaos god, paint it and name it and its dark patron.

But what if you don’t have access to the Realm of Chaos book or don’t feel like starting from scratch? Don’t worry, we have got you covered!

Mhorrigot, the god of murderers, is a Chaos god created by Johan Egerkrans, using Realm of Chaos. Being a talented writer and artist, he also wrote the god’s backstory and drew its various daemons. We hope many of you will be inspired to convert a daemonic servant of Mhorrigot.
You can find more info about Mhorrigot over on The Convertorum.

Johan will serve as judge and jury, and pick his favourite daemons to be included in volume 3 of 28. Remember to tag your pictures on Instagram with #28magchallenge and post pictures of the finished miniature by the 31st of May 2020.

Remember to send us an email with pictures of your finished miniatures by the 31st of May. The address is submissions@28-mag.com and put Challenge as the subject.

Have fun!

14 responses to “The 28 Challenge is here!”

  1. i’d like to do this but i am not a wh40k player, and even with the tables, i am not sure how to create one of these. If anyone can guide me along on how to make use of the tables to create one, i’d love to be able to participate.

    • You don’t need to have game play rules for it. Just a good description to build an miniature. The tables are a bit all over the place in the book.

    • Thanks, i understand they’re online but i am not sure how to actually compose a monster from the book.

      • There is a guide on page 87, Creating an independent daemon. The book can be frustrating at times, but the gist would be to just roll on the table and see what strange daemon emerges.

  2. So, I assume this is a daemon only contest, and we cannot post priest or followers of Mhorrigot. I’m I right?

    • Hi Wilbur, you can, but we recommend daemons as it’s more in the spirit of the contest.

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