28 is now on Patreon

When we founded 28 in 2018 our goal was clear: to create a small hobby magazine that we would enjoy reading ourselves. The classic ‘for hobbyists, by hobbyists’ approach.

Over the last two years we have been overwhelmed by the love and support of the community, both by our amazing content writers and by our readers. You have proved that there is a strong interest in the less mainstream approach to the hobby and we will continue to showcase the incredible work the community creates.

However, the magazine comes with its costs to the team and after much pondering we have decided to launch a Patreon to help cover the upkeep costs. This does not mean that the magazine won’t remain free, that is after all our core value and that will never change. The Patreon is simply there for all friends of 28 who wish to help. 

You will find us here Patreon



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