The 28 Challenge deadline is approaching!

The 28 Challenge is coming to an end in 11 days. We have already received a host of excellent submissions, but we want to remind everyone to please send in your contributions to us before the deadline!

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

For Chaos!

8 responses to “The 28 Challenge deadline is approaching!”

  1. Hey guys! I will hopefully squeak in under the deadline. I’m wondering what time on the 31st you’ll stop taking submissions.
    I live in New York. Not sure where you’re located in regards to time zones.

    Question 2: My submission is mostly sculpted. I’m unable to paint it at this time. The best I could do is prime it. Would that be an acceptable entry? Understanding of course that it may not be selected to win.

    • Hi, as long as it is sent on the 31st it’s fine. We will take time differences into account, so do not worry about that.

      We would of course prefer a painted entry, but unpainted is better than nothing.

  2. My submission keeps getting fired back at me with an unable to receive error?

    • That is strange, we haven’t had any issues (to our knowledge) with anyone else. Try 28mag [at] protonmail [dot] com

      • Resent to that email, thanks for getting back to me, if it doesn’t go through this time I guess it’s my end.
        I think sometimes email addresses that get routed through another work funny with some clients so it may be that it doesn’t work good with the Apple Mail client.

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