8 thoughts on “The 28 Challenge deadline is approaching!

  1. Death By Mini says:

    Hey guys! I will hopefully squeak in under the deadline. I’m wondering what time on the 31st you’ll stop taking submissions.
    I live in New York. Not sure where you’re located in regards to time zones.

    Question 2: My submission is mostly sculpted. I’m unable to paint it at this time. The best I could do is prime it. Would that be an acceptable entry? Understanding of course that it may not be selected to win.

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    1. Alexander Winberg says:

      Hi, as long as it is sent on the 31st it’s fine. We will take time differences into account, so do not worry about that.

      We would of course prefer a painted entry, but unpainted is better than nothing.


    1. Alexander Winberg says:

      That is strange, we haven’t had any issues (to our knowledge) with anyone else. Try 28mag [at] protonmail [dot] com


      1. Flynn Staples says:

        Resent to that email, thanks for getting back to me, if it doesn’t go through this time I guess it’s my end.
        I think sometimes email addresses that get routed through another work funny with some clients so it may be that it doesn’t work good with the Apple Mail client.

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