3 thoughts on “The Giveaway has ended

  1. Mr G says:

    I wasn’t a winner but thank you to Stefan and the 28 Team for your generosity.
    Looking forward to Vol. 3!

  2. Thom Olson says:

    I won, and have received a squad of SoB and a squad of IG! They do look like they have stories to tell, and I’m grateful to have been drawn to carry that narrative on.
    One of the guardsmen has lost an arm, and it’s likely he’ll be mind wiped and fitted as a gun servitor. The Sisters have lost their power packs, and may be forced to replace them with less reliable technologies from the backwater battlefields they have been lost in all this time.
    Thanks for the minis and inspiration. I’ll be sure to share whatever happens with them.

    1. Alexander Winberg says:

      Have fun with them! If you post them on instagram then please tag us, we would love to see what you do with them.

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