Teaser for vol 3 #1

Is there room for love and sexuality among the space marines, and what form would it take? In vol 3 we take a closer look at the space marines and their love for each other.

It is very concerning that some aspects of the fanbase feel comfortable making death threats over this subject, but we know our readers are better than that and that they also believe that Warhammer is for everyone.

Picture by our very own Martin Trese

12 responses to “Teaser for vol 3 #1”

  1. Death threats? That’s madness.

    I think it’d be cool if the SM’s had the Spartan Warrior approach to sexuality. With a deep seeded love they will only fight harder side by side to protect one another.

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    1. Alexander Winberg Avatar
      Alexander Winberg

      To clarify, we have not received death threats, others have which always is a cause of concern.

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      1. Yeah, very concerning. We all bleed the same colour so live and let live. It’s 2020.

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  2. I always thought the sex drive was all but removed, in the procedure that made them into Space Marines.
    Kind of one of the things made them more and less then human. Because they were not motivated by the need to breed. Or to be distracted by the need to protect loved ones and offspring. Puting the chapter and the Golden Throne ahead of all others.
    On if your talking brotherly love, like solders and comrades at arms feel then. Then that seems to be more cannon then sexual love. Like the love I hold for my comrades who I served with Iraq and Afghanistan. I would die for them, and them for me. But I never felt the need or want to bed them.
    But I see no problem with any one else wanting to make their own fanfiction or add it into their own head cannon that it is a thing. And one should not receive threats over a fictional universe that is only one retcon away from changing.

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  3. I’m not against it being a thing but I was fairly certain that a space marines sex drive (libido) is shut down. Citation needed and I could be wrong but they are designed in order to want nothing but to protect the name of the emperor and mankind.


  4. I’m not sure the passion and emotions connected to rage, hate, sexual love are expunged from Marines like they have been from Necrons so totally plausible if not a given that they would be very Greek about the whole thing. As mentioned above…Spartan. this has been the way amongst soldiers from day zip. It’s only really modern Abrahamic prudishness around issues of sex and sexuality that has informed a different bent (no pun intended) more recently. The bros would be bros and probably more collectivist about it, too. Possibly more structured within the actual order of each chapter also so not to fall into the same trap as did the Eldar in their creating Slaanesh. Not that this is even a reality, but you know the Imperium, they’re the 40K equivalent of Fox News – scared of fucking everything.

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  5. I’ve had some pet fanon about queer gender identity in the space marines for some time. I’d love to do a write up on the subject at some point if you folks were interested (either in-or out of universe). As a nonbinary person who over the decades has done the whole swing from ‘Space marines have to be all doods it’s canon!’ To ‘Shame about that 80s machismo exclusion of women botching things up for decades, eh?’ It’s something I’ve grown less up-in-arms about but more interested in.

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  6. Kyle Hutcheson Avatar
    Kyle Hutcheson

    It’s the usual desperation to attribute 2020 likes and dislikes to a future world that will have its own likes and dislikes. There’s already gay representation in 40K amongst Inquisitors, SOB and civvies and yet everything has to have it. Just because Spartans indulged doesn’t mean a man that has been genetically modified to fight and kill and die for the Emperor, to love his brothers as brothers as military personnel have done since militaries first formed, has to as well. Spartans were men, Space Marines are created for one purpose and one purpose alone. To serve.

    Surely there can be one “thing” in life where the gay/trans/feminist/left/right/black/white/whatever groups don’t have to be catered for? Can it not just be as it was originally created? If people want a game where current day groups need to be represented then create a game where they are represented. Do what they did with comics….or not because we all know how that’s turned out.

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  7. Ha! This is great. Good for you.


  8. Hey there! Are you going to be taking outside submissions for this? If so, are those still available?


    1. Alexander Winberg Avatar
      Alexander Winberg

      Drop us an email with your idea for an article.


  9. Thanks for an amazing 2 issues guys!

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