The Darkest Holiday begins

The first door is open, revealing a printed copy of 28 as today’s gift.

Today’s gift is from Team28 and it is a printed copy of vol 3. This is your only chance to finally have vol 3 on your bookshelf, you have until 18.00 EET today (1.12.2020) to participate for this gift.

If you have not yet entered we suggest you do it soon, as we will be giving away fun gifts until the 24th of December, the quicker you are the bigger the chance for you to win.

7 responses to “The Darkest Holiday begins”

  1. Entering myself now. Would love a hard copy or whatever else turns up 😊

  2. Oh pelase ancient gods! I live in a land far, far away, but i could still give good use to a hard copy of anything you deliver ! =)

  3. Hey 28mag team! I would love to participate.
    Huge fan of the work you did.
    Keep up the grimdark vibes.

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