The 28magchallenge for 2021 – Downtrodden

art by David Bell

The Adeptus Administratum is the Imperium’s vast and labyrinthine bureaucracy, the largest of the Adeptus Terra’s departments; untold billions of scribes, clerks, notaries, archivists, reckoners and book-keepers who toil ceaselessly to manage the workings of the Imperium at every level.

It is said that 10 billion adepts work in the Imperial Palace on Terra alone, and such is the Administratum’s size and complexity that whole departments have been subsumed by their own procedures, or blindly and dogmatically continue to operate despite the intent or requirement for their founding function being long since forgotten or obsolete.

Across the myriad worlds of humanity, hundreds of thousands of functions ultimately fall under the remit of the Administratum, for the management of Imperial society requires the ordering of countless tasks, and with such minutiae comes paperwork, as inevitably as both death and taxation.

art by David Bell

For this 28 Challenge, we’d like you to shine a spotlight into the musty corners of this most powerful and impersonal of Imperial bodies, and show us both the individuals and the functions that it encompasses.

Whether called to the service of an Inquisitor, a Rogue Trader or a Magos of the Machine Cult, toiling endlessly at a task that has lost all meaning or purpose, or indeed carefully completing a thankless duty that is nevertheless critical to Imperial society (sanitising public vox-units?), this challenge is about bringing some identity and personality to those countless billions of grey-clad drones, the numberless masses of humans that work to keep the Imperium running far away from the endless wars of the Dark Millennium.

Submissions to this challenge should depict a single broadly human non-combatant character – not a servitor or an abhuman; we want to see faces from the faceless masses of humanity – and detail

a) who they are

b) what department or function they serve.

There are two categories:



Submissions should be a maximum of three photos and no more than 400 words of accompanying text. All submissions must include your real name, and a link to your Instagram or blog (if you have one). The deadline for the challenge is the 31st of March 2021 and all entries have to be emailed to submissions@28-mag.com, please mark the email as CHALLENGE.

GW has produced an excellent guide to miniatures photography, which you may find useful – https://www.warhammer-community.com/2018/03/06/the-model-photo-how-to-photograph-models-for-display/

The challenge will be judged by Team28 and David Bell. Bell has kindly allowed us to use his art to inspire you, but you should by no means feel limited in scope to just these pictures.

By entering into this challenge you automatically grant 28 the right to use any pictures or text provided as the team sees fit. If you do not want us to use your pictures, for example in the magazine 28, please state it clearly in your email.

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  1. Very nice contest, and lovely art by David Bell to inspire.

    When and where will the entries be revealed, and when and how will the contest be concluded? I am completely new to this and only have experience from forum contests, so I won’t assume anything going in. Just curious if we’re looking at months or some shorter timespans. 🙂


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