The second 28magchallenge for 2021 – the Female Space Marine Project

Our judges are just finishing up on the Downtrodden challenge, but we are proud to already present the next challenge.

Together with Helge Wilhelm Dahl we present The Female Space Marine Project; a painting competition that will run through the summer of 2021.

The theme of the competition is Female Space Marines. We want to see your take on women in the ranks of the Emperor’s Astartes. How will they look when GW finally decides to add them to the 40k setting? There are no restrictions on what medium you can use. You can kit-bash or sculpt a miniature, you can enter a painting or drawing (digital or traditional), you can make a cosplay costume or anything else you can think of!

Send your entries to by August 31st, a maximum of 3 pictures and mark the email FEMALE SPACE MARINES.

There will be cool prizes revealed along the way. But most importantly; there will be a gallery of cool artworks on this site by the end of the competition!

5 responses to “The second 28magchallenge for 2021 – the Female Space Marine Project”

  1. […] are some more pics of Lacrymosa. I built her for the Summer 2021 28Mag Challenge. When painting her, at first I tried using my typical Lamenters shoulder pad style, but because the […]


  2. […] do hope GW works women and non-binary folks into the space marine chapters going forward. Thank you 28 mag for giving me an excuse to work on this little piece of […]


  3. I think male sisters of battle would make a more interesting project.


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