We are starting a podcast!

Here at 28, we always want to keep our finger on the pulse of what is new and interesting pertaining to the 28 hobby. The digital magazine, featuring the creations of our readers,  is at the forefront of this mission. While this will always be our primary focus here at 28, we realized the logistical necessities of collecting, editing, and formatting submissions is inherently a slow process, and wondered if there was something else we could do to release more content?

As avid hobbyists ourselves, we are always building and painting models, reading books, and watching cinema, all of which feed back into our creative cycles. Furthermore, we constantly get recommendations from readers like you of things to check out that pertain to 28 in one form or another. All of this led us to the idea of the 28 team starting a podcast! A podcast seemed the ideal way to allow us to talk about things we are currently excited about that we think might be relevant to 28.

Such was our excitement about the idea, that we already recorded our first episode, talking about the miniature game Forbidden Psalm, set in the dark world of MÖRK BORG! You can listen to it here.

Despite having recorded the first episode, the podcast is still in its early stages. We are still trying to work out its structure and find a good place to host the podcast, so that you can listen to it more conveniently. Importantly, we still need to come up with a name for the podcast too! 28 is all about community engagement and creativity, so we wanted to ask our readers for suggestions for the name of the podcast. If you have ideas, feel free to leave them here, email them to us, or comment on Instagram. Also, after listening to the first episode, let us know what you think!

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