Vol 4 is here!

Praise the Omnissiah! Vol 4 of 28 is here and it is jam-packed with INQ28, Oldhammer, AoS28 and more. Head over to publications and prepare to have your cogitators blown!

28 is best enjoyed using a reader like Adobe Acrobat Reader and changing the view to two pages and with the cover image separately. Using a browser to read it might result in a sub-optimal experience.

Team28 would like to express our deepest gratitude to the following people.

  • Our contributors, 28 would not exist if not for you.
  • Our Patreons, your support helps us to take the magazine to new levels.
  • Jan Warnke, who contributed the music used in the video.
  • And to all our readers, your dedication makes it all worth it.

7 responses to “Vol 4 is here!”

  1. Well, this is a welcome arrival. Looks like I have something to read for the weekend! Many thanks, folks, I can’t wait to get into this!

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