“The Witches are dead and we have killed them.

Now, by coincidence or consequence, we suffer.”


Welcome to Lobsterpot, a 28mm skirmish game set in a paranoid world, where witch finders and their lackeys chase shadows and eye each other with suspicion. Long ago, there was a great persecution of Witches, followed by a Cataclysm which warped the world and its peoples. Or maybe the cataclysm happened first. What legends and documents survive are contradictory at best, and no two villages have the same account of the time that led to now. It is only known that something is to be feared, and it is probably lurking right around the corner.

Concept & illustrations by Samuel Allan
Rules by Ben Doane

“Our world has become disordered from its natural and holy progressions.  The light is dim, the wind is cutting, and enemies amass from within and without. We must not let our faith waver, especially in times of trial, but for love’s sake, how can we be expected to endure such persistent horrors?”

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