Chapter 1

a 28 podcast
a 28 podcast
Chapter 1

For our inaugural episode of the 28 podcast, Alexander Winberg and Eric Wier introduce the podcast, describing how it will be used as an avenue for Team28 to talk about things we are excited about that relate to the miniature hobby. The main topic of the episode is discussing Forbidden Psalm, a miniature wargame set in the apocalyptic MÖRK BORG setting.

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The into and outro music were created and kindly provided by Jan Warnke.

4 thoughts on “Chapter 1

  1. Peter says:

    Awesome, excited about this. Great work guys. Not sure what the process is but would be great to get published via some of them popular listening apps – thinking specifically Spotify.

  2. OzDestro says:

    I had an idea for a name – what about “By Lamplight They Come”.
    The idea is that the miniatures tend to look like they are lit by lamplight.

    1. J Dillon says:

      Thanks for this I don’t know anyone else in the hobby so this gives me a broader idea of what’s out there and different touchstones and ways of conceiving what’s possible. Id never heard of mork Borg or dischord and was quite inspired by mork Borg after hearing it on this and looking it up and I like the way they are innovating and progressing and almost in your face playing with liscence issues.

      Skandi noir flavour with humour is a winner and I also found the design accessible. The first thing I read was the eat kill sleep pdf and the hunting mishaps d10 with the first 1. Being “the animal you have killed has exploding fleas” immediately gave me a sense of something different to your standard deluded pumped up jock romp roided maschi hero fare which I haven’t seen any alternative too other than your competitions and Northumbrian Tin Soldier which is different in a different way. They have just got the liscence to time bandits and have a more pratchetty Gilliam comic aesthetic rather than grimdark. I like both and the mork Borg is the first grimdark I’ve liked because it’s so slef conciusly enjoying being as horrible as possible.

      It made me laugh but also gave me something to contrast and as a result gave me allot of space to consider the effect capitalism has on storytelling and what story telling is anymore? I like wrestling for much the same reasons because it is an attempt to play with stories in an interactive way. The skandi vibe of mork Borg also resonates with folk horror Adam neville books and films like midsommer, the ritual, and recently the green knight. I’m northern English so I am by lattitude I am placed between skandi and englishness and with contrast I was able to see through the dark torch of skandi mork Borg wielded with style how daft english vibe and how different but also sitting somewhere on a ven diagram it is. Thanks for the insight and variety and inspiration to carry on to forge and understand and interpret the voices and character of where I live.

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