28 magazine focuses on unique and personal visions of the various Warhammer settings, especially relating to Warhammer 40,000 skirmish games and the darker aspects of Age of Sigmar. But we are by no means limited to only those settings as we enjoy a wide variety of games and settings.

While we love receiving submissions that cover a wide and wonderful range of subjects, we have compiled the submission guidelines below for a reason! Following these will give you the best chance of making it into the magazine.


  • When writing your article, try to be as clear as possible. Short, simple sentences work wonders!
  • Include an introduction that explains what you are writing about and why. The beginning of an article should welcome and draw readers in who may not be as familiar with the topic as you are.
  • We love a good summary! Include a conclusion paragraph at the end for a comprehensive and satisfying ending to your piece.
  • VERY IMPORTANT! Include captions for any pictures you submit, along with where they fit in the article.
  • Don’t be a word hog! You might be surprised to learn that 1000 words takes up around 2⅓ pages without images – so stick to the point and be as succinct as possible. If you’re submitting anything over 2000 words it is less likely to be included unless every single word is solid gold and absolutely essential. 1000 words or less is the sweet spot.


We need high quality photos (in JPEG, PNG or TIFF format). They should be well-lit, high-resolution images that show your models clearly. They should not have watermarks or stamps of any kind on them.

Give file names that are clear and correspond to the submitted captions.

Fortunately, for those who are not professional photographers, Games Workshop has been kind enough to provide an excellent guide on photographing your miniatures, even with a camera phone:

GW Guide to Photographing Miniatures


Article NameGive it a good attention grabbing title!
NameNo aliases, we use real names 
Email So we can contact you
Instagram We can include this in the credits section
Blog If you have one we can instead add that, whichever you prefer
Type of Article* (see below for a guide on this!) This helps us  to organize and format submissions.

*Type of Article
The Forge
– tutorials and guides to painting, converting, building and sculpting.

Interviews – interviews with artists, game designers, writers and members of the community.

Essays – articles about, but not limited to, game design, the background of the various settings, the history of a game or how to plan a campaign.

Events – spotlight on various event games arranged by hobby enthusiasts.

Artist Focus – a detailed look at a particular artist’s work.


Great! Send your stuff to submissions@28-mag.com


You remain the owner of your IP. 28 does not own your article or pictures, but we can use them in any way we see fit in relation to the magazine and its marketing and promotion. The digital version of 28 is and will remain a non-commercial venture.

We do not allow or condone IP theft, nor do we allow hate speech for any reason.

We are looking for articles from passionate individuals, not company accounts.

28 is free to edit the article as we see fit, with the intent of making the article fit the magazine. We will not be able to inform each writer of each edit, but we strive to keep the spirit of the article intact.

If you have any questions then please let us know!

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