28 is a digital magazine that focuses on unique and personal projects of the Warhammer hobby. It is released annually and, as an entirely not-for-profit venture, is completely FREE TO DOWNLOAD! You can find every volume in the PUBLICATIONS section.

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Now, let’s meet the team…


Volitare-28 – Arch-Editor

Loyal. Obedient. Hard-working. All words the Lexico Arcanus would not use to describe her deviant servo skull assistant. Whilst she is busy info-scouring the bibliotheca archives and issuing late fees to wayward adepts, the mischievous Volitare-28 is hiding in gloomy crevices betwixt towering data-stacks; gathering, compiling and editing forbidden articles for the equally-proscribed 28 magazine. Bad servo skull.

Alexander Winberg – Creative Director

Alexander has been involved with the hobby on and off for far too long. In that time he has helped create settings like Outgard and Mordheim 2019, but his current love is painting 80s Citadel miniatures. Outside of the hobby he spends his time playing with his children, studying and planning 28’s inevitable world conquest.

James Sherriff – Lead Designer

A bearded relic from halcyon days of yore, James was recently prodded from decades-long slumber. A pointy stick may have been involved. Now he sculpts miniatures for a living whilst juggling a silly amount of side projects that are in no way time-consuming or distracting. He enjoys breathing.

Paul von Bargen – Graphic Designer

Paul has been struggling between loving to build miniatures and caring too much for them to see them die on the battlefield since 1994. Interests include trying to get the kids into the hobby, operas, books, cycling, hiking, jawlocking. Founding Member of the Karl-Franz-Totenkult.

Eadwine Brown – Editor

Pedant-for-hire and freelance wordsmith, Ead spent the better part of a decade toiling in the great wargaming mines of Lenton. These days he lurks in the wild Marches between England and Wales, painting and writing pulp adventure.

Mira Manga – Editor

Mira is a writer & editor whose greatest loves include unicorns, D&D, books and fantasy. A regular contributor to Dragon+, Wyrd Science and Fandom, she’s also part of diversity in gaming charity No More Damsels, a member of the H.A.T.E. (Hackney Area Gaming Enthusiasts) Club and the London D&D MeetUp too. Slowly being pulled into the grimdark but with an emergency Scroll of Dancing Lights in her Bag of Holding!

Adam Wier – Editor

When Adam started in this hobby over 20 years ago, he was primarily interested in the games themselves, but that has shifted towards converting and sculpting models. He now spends an inordinate amount of time creating small firearms and considering how to improve the anatomy of Games Workshop models.

Eric Wier – Editor

Eric has been exploring the dark and evocative worlds of Warhammer 40,000 for a long time. Gorkamorka was the first Games Workshop game that he played properly, which laid the foundations for his fascination with narrative-based skirmish games. An avid writer and assembler of models, he recently decided he cannot ignore painting forever.

Gregory Wier – Editor

Gregory first found miniature gaming at the tail end of the 2nd edition of Warhammer 40,000, where he and his two brothers quickly became enthralled. As a biologist, he has a keen eye for detail, which he uses to impart some realism into a hobby that, it could be argued, is largely devoid of it.

Martin McCoy – Illuminator

A life long devotee to the hobby; Martin’s miniature collection has fluctuated greatly throughout the years but his love of dark, low fantasy art as cemented by Mordheim and the 6th Edition Old World exert a constant and unchanging pull on his mind. Even now he hears its sibilant whisper. When he’s not illustrating or tattooing he most desires to visit communal farms and print shops with his old dog Daisy Mae.

Kristian Simonsen – Staff Writer

Kristian has been in the hobby for about 25 years; mostly as a modeller and painter, even for painting competitions from time to time. By delving into INQ28 and all that it entails, Kristian is discovering storytelling both in miniature and writing. When he is not making miniatures, writing about them or playing with them, Kristian runs and exercises, paints in oils, draws and plays the guitar.


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