Together with our friends we are proud to launch the 28 Christmas Calendar! While this might very well be one of the darkest seasons we have ever experienced we still believe we can bring some small measure of joy to the 28 community.

From the 1st to the 24th of December a new door will open and we will be giving away the prize behind it to a lucky winner!

Day 1

So many of you has expressed an interest in owning a physical copy of 28, it is actually one of the most frequent questions we receive. This is your chance to finally have 28 on your bookshelf.

Day 2

Samuel Araya graced the pages of volume 3, where we showed some of his dark, nightmarish art, hopefully inspiring you to explore them in miniatures form. Today’s gift is a print many fans of AoS28 will recognize, it was one of the inspirations for Ex Profundis Monster competition. To see more of Araya’s work we recommend his site, his work on the King in Yellow simply has to be seen.

Day 3

Helge Wilhelm Dahl is a stalwart of the 28 community, not only has he appeared in the magazine, but he has also been involved in many collaborative projects. He’s unique touch and eye for detail has created some truly stunning miniatures for events like Outgard, Lesotho 212 and Nestorian Infestation. In recent years Dahl has created a small line of miniatures and it is with great pleasure we teamed up with him to bring you today’s gift. We are stepping up things a bit today as two lucky winners will receive a pair of Forest Dwellers (unpainted).

Day 4

28 is, at it’s core, all about miniatures. Not only those made by Games Workshop, we love all kinds of miniatures and we are especially fond of those made by small and creative companies. What could then be a better gift, than a bundle of miniatures sculpted by Ana Polanšćak from Gardens of Hecate and produced by Harwood Hobbies?

Day 5

Today’s gift is from Samuel Allan, an up and coming illustrator. Allan’s Lobsterpot booklet collects a series of portraits of, for lack of a better word, hybrids between crustaceans, molluscs and humans. The booklet is self-published and as you can guess we are big fans of the do-it-yourself approach. Allan’s work can be seen on his Instagram page and on Artstation.

Day 6

Our merchandise has been very popular and today we are giving away a premium t-shirt (or a premium scooped t-shirt depending on the lucky winner’s preference). The t-shirts feature our Weirdling Raider design, made by Martin Trese.

Day 7

Johan Egerkrans is surely a household name for any INQ28 enthusiast. His work has been featured multiple times in White Dwarf and on the Warhammer Community site, and while his blogging has slowed down a bit he is quite active on Instagram. Outside of the hobby Egerkrans has a very succesful career as an illustrator and writer with a whole slew of books to his name. It is with pleasure we reveal that today’s gift is a signed print from his book, the Undead.

Day 8

Kristian Simonsen provided today’s gift, a pair of painted miniatures suitable for a game of INQ28. Simonsen is not only a Golden Demon winner and staff writer for 28, he is also a great person and with his friends he has worked on such projects as Lesotho 212, Tor Megiddo and Mordheim 2019. He occasionally blogs and regularly posts on Instagram and Facebook.

Day 9

Erik Blomqvist is a stalwart of the hobby scene, be that INQ28, AoS28 or Mordheim. His work is detailed and original while still staying true to the spirit of the settings. A man of many talents, he not only paints in complex ways, but is also a skilled jewelry maker and smith. We recommended you check out @nordics_minis for hobby content and @erik_blomqvist89 for jewelry.

Today’s gift is a set of iron dice, handmade by Blomqvist. There is no better way to defeat your opponent than by a heavy set of dice.

Day 10

Team28 loves scatter terrain, those small pieces that turns a board into a living, breathing place. That’s why we are so excited about today’s gift, a trio of signposts sculpted by Gardens of Hecate for Harwood Hobbies. They are perfect for Mordheim, AoS28 and even INQ28 and we can’t wait to see what the winner does with them.

Day 11

One of the most exciting developments in the hobby community is spread of micro rule systems, and our friend and collaborator Nic Evans is at the front of it. Planet28 has gathered a cult following among hobby affinados, in large part due to it’s open nature and old school DIY charm.

Ever the giver, Evan’s gift is a set of rules for Planet28 and a handcrafted pin, there’s no better way to show your hobby love than a cool pin. The best part is that today we will have 3 winners! Thanks Nic!

Day 12

We are now halfway through the Darkest Holiday! Today’s gift is brought to you by Moritz Krebs, who you may remember from vol 3 and a couple of kickstarters. Kreb’s gift is a hand drawn portrait of that lovable rascal, Krampus. Surely something that will bring a smile of joy to even the most embittered grinch among us.

Day 13

The brothers Wier from Between the Bolter and Me are an other pillar of the hobby community, and not least because their work on 28. Their hobby work is dedicated to achieving a sense of realism in the hobby, whether that is achieved by creating weaponry that is functional or re-sculpting miniatures for better proportions. The brother’s gift is a set of resculpted Imperial Guardsmen, they will be unpainted, the examples are painted by Adam and Eric.

It was also Adam who created our jolly seasonal banner you have seen on the Darkest Holiday pictures, a man of many talents.

Day 14

Today’s gift is a grilletbox by Alexander Lunde, the perfect background when you need atmospheric photos of your freshly painted miniatures. Lunde is the co-founder of Echoes of Imperium where you, occasionally, can see his amazing terrain and he regularly posts on Instagram. His work has beef featured in Blanchitsu in White Dwarf and also multiple times in 28, most recently his new line of 40k landscapes.

The miniature is not included.

Day 15

Can there be a better way to keep warm in cold, dark winter than wearing a comfy 28 hoodie? Today we are handing out one of our hoodies, with the classic design by Martin Trese.

Day 16

Today’s gift is the third and final bundle of miniatures from Harwood Hobbies that Ana Polanšćak from Gardens of Hecate sculpted. The imp, gargoyle and snail will bring a touch of otherworldliness to any gaming table and fans of Folkhammer are sure to find them useful. It’s been a pleasure working with Harwood Hobbies on the Darkest Holiday, but you haven’t yet seen the last of Polanšćak

Day 17

Today’s gift is from none other than Ian Miller, the legend behind a myriad of nightmare inducing illustrations. Miller was, as you may recall, interviewed in vol 1 and in vol 2 we showcased the winners of the inaugural 28 Challenge, themed around Miller’s work. Recently our very own James Sherriff has been collaborating with Miller on the Grim Tarock and the upcoming Middgyr: Tower of Chaos game. There is no better way to enjoy Miller’s work than with a big banner!

Day 18

When planning the Darkest Holiday we knew we had to include Helge Dahl’s daemonic snail creatures. Obviously nothing says Christmas quite like a snail-human hybrid. WilhelMiniatures were kind enough to donate today’s gift, a complete set of snails. Dahl has steadily expanded the line of miniatures in his Etsy store, and we hope to see some painted versions grace the pages of vol 4.

Day 19

The Darkest Holiday continues to reveal more miniatures, today’s gift is a bundle of four miniatures sculpted by Brass Monkey. also known as our very own James Sherriff! Sherriff is one of the founders of 28 and he created the visual look of the magazine. These days Sherriff is busy as a bee on a host of projects, not least the upcoming Middgyr: Tower of Chaos with Ian Miller. We here at 28 can’t wait to get our hands on the game!

Day 20

We are getting close to the 24th, but fortunately we still have plenty of gifts for you! Andrew Rae from Statuesque Miniatures is known for his excellent accessories, but today’s gift is from his Left at the Bottom of the Garden miniatures. The LatBotG line is a wonderful collection of discarded toys, they are full of charm, humor and touch of sadness. One lucky winner will receive the First Chapter and an other winner will receive the Second Chapter.

Day 21

Seraphim Soupizet is a fairly new miniature sculptor, but his work is already fanciful and full of imagination and promise. For today’s gift we are happy to give away a full set of his miniatures, a procession you have to see to believe. As one fan said, it is the ultimate in underground, hipster warhammer. And what’s more, Soupizet has been kind enough to provide a discount code to all 28 fans. The code is 28MAG and it can be used until the first of January 2021 at Soupizet’s Etsy store.

Day 22

When the Gardens of Hecate opened back in 2012 it was immediately clear that Ana Polanšćak possessed a unique vision and a distinct style to match. Over the years Polanšćak has been involve in projects like Legen, Tor Megiddo and Mordheim 2019, but she has also worked on her own unique setting, the Gardens of Hecate. A dark, foggy place, full of horrors and madness, where no one appears to be good. When 28 was founded in 2018 Polanšćak was one of the first to join the team and her editing was much appreciated by us all, so it was with sadness we saw her leave the team this year to focus on her own hobby studio. But fortunately for you today’s gift is actually a gift card to her new studio! The winner picks a miniature (but Polanšćak has the right to refuse any request she wants) and Polanšćak will lightly convert and paint it for her or him.

Day 23

We are almost at Christmas Eve, so we decided to add a suitably dark and menacing gift, an original piece of art by John Wigley. Wigley is bound to be a familiar name for anyone who consumed Warhammer in the 90’s and 00’s as his illustrations could be seen in many various books, ranging from codexes to rulesbooks and White Dwarf. We were fortunate enough to interview Wigley for vol 1 and we also featured some of his more recent art in vol 3. At the moment he is working on a new game called Coven, we are very curious to learn more about it as soon as possible.

Day 24

All good things must end, and what better time to end than today on Christmas Eve. But Team28 have always believed that big is better so today we are actually handing out five gifts, thanks to Christian Schwager! Schwager is an amazing artist who’s work you might already have seen in Spike! magazine and the upcoming Dunkeldorf project. He is also a keen fan of the INQ28 style and will hopefully contribute to 28 in some future volume. Schwager was kind enough to provide art prints for today’s winners.


To have a chance to win you need to send us an email with your full name and address. The email should be labelled Darkest Holiday and it has to be sent before the 24th of December. As we will be drawing winners daily the sooner you send us the email the better your chances of winning. You only have to send one email and you will automatically be included in each days draw.

Send the email to

In the spirit of fairness each person can only win once and we will contact each winner individually, if you are a winner you have 24 hours to respond to our email or a new winner will be drawn. If for some reason you do not want the prize you have won a new winner will be drawn, you will not receive a consolidation prize.

Your information will be handled in strictest confidentiality and your information will not be used for anything else than sending you a prize if you win. All information will be deleted as soon as possible.

Team28 is immensely grateful to all our friends who have provided us with prizes and we would like to thank our amazing Patreon supporters, without your help this would not have been possible.