Deep within the Hollar, a large valley sheltered by mountains, lies a forest known as the Weald. The Weald is a quiet place, a wide expanse of wilderness broken only by a sparse few hamlets and villages, connected by trading routes and footpaths. Life in the Weald, however, is changing. A certain rumor spoken by the mouths of Travelers from the North is gaining popularity. They tell of a blight that is spreading South through the once lush and lively forest, corrupting all that it touches. They say that the disease changes people into monsters, horrid creatures that they have only seen in their nightmares. The travelers seek refuge in the towns, but are quickly turned away for speaking such nonsense.

This is the world of the Weald, a 28mm skirmish game filled with twisted roots and fear.

Created by Max McComsey

Co-Written by Steve Rowlinson and Alessandro “Sturmgaard”

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