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Volume 1

The magazine that started it all, we talk art and inspiration with Ian Miller and John Wigley. There are plenty of tutorials, showing how to get your basing, weathering and sculpting game on point. And of course it wouldn’t be 28 without plenty of miniatures, this time by hobbyists like Ana Polanšćak, Anders de Geer and many others.

Cover artist Pascal Blanché

Volume 2

In the second volume (informally known as the Mordheim volume) the creator of Mordheim, Tuomas Pirinen, writes about designing an enduring classic. We take a look at some massive projects like Gelida and the Thorn Moons. There are an incredible terrain tutorials for building ruins and bone forests. And that’s only scratching the surface!

Cover artist Ni Yipeng

Volume 3

For the third volume we expand out from the regular style with article by oldhammer enthusiasts Jean-Baptiste Garidel, David Stafford and Jon Boyce. We explore the classic game Gorkamorka and show some killer Digganob miniatures, and a lot of other miniatures and art by talents like Evgeny Kirsanov, Jacob Petersson and Samuel Araya.

Cover artist Ariel Perez

Volume 4

Trish Carden talks about her career making miniatures and monsters while Matteo Gallo, Nick Borelli and Roberto Cuevas Guerrero show us some of the amazing miniatures. Nic Evans and Jeremiah Catling presents opposing takes on whether or not miniatures should be seen as art and we look into the strange worlds of Folkhammer and indie games like Cazadores and Forbidden Psalm.

Cover artist Mike Franchina

Volume 5

To be released in 2022.

Cover artist Nicky Grillet


SKULLS collects an odd mix of short stories, art and comics by fans and friends of 28. The zine is created by Pierre Mortel, Paul-Friedrich von Bargen and Alexander Winberg.

Issue #1

Cover by Lukasz Kowalczuk


The annual celebration issue that feature some of the women in the hobby.

International Women’s Day 2021

The inaugural issue is filled with articles showing talents like Carrie Lawrie, Rochell Parente and Em Durrant.

Cover artist Lauren K Cannon

International Women’s Day 2022

This time we present, among others, work by Aleksandra Tana Cvetanovski, Juniper Bout and Emma Beskow.

Cover artist Jodie Muir