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Behind every great magazine is a great team that makes it all possible. And 28 mag has just such a team!

Every member is chomping at the bit to source the very best content, from awesome conversions and incredible paint jobs, to inspiring articles and insightful interviews; all with the aim of giving you content that is beautiful, inspirational and enlightening.

The energy of the gaming and modelling community fuels the 28 team. This ensures that the look and feel of the magazine will be as striking as the work portrayed within its pages.

Here’s a quick introduction to Team 28:


Volitare-28 | Arch-Editor

Loyal. Obedient. Hard-working. All words the Lexico Arcanus would not use to describe her deviant servo skull assistant. Whilst she is busy info-scouring the bibliotheca archives and issuing late fees to wayward adepts, the mischievous Volitare is hiding in gloomy crevices betwixt towering data-stacks; gathering, compiling and editing forbidden articles for the equally-proscribed 28 magazine. Bad servo skull.

James Sherriff | Lead Designer

A bearded relic from halcyon days of yore, James was recently prodded from decades-long slumber. A pointy stick may have been involved. Now he sculpts miniatures for a living whilst juggling a silly amount of side projects that are in no way time-consuming or distracting. He enjoys breathing.

Alexander Winberg | Project Manager

Alexander has been involved with the hobby on and off for over 20 years now. In that time he has helped create settings like Outgard and Rhossum Secundus. Outside of the hobby he likes to spend his time running, playing with his children and napping.

Ana Polanšćak | Editor

Ana is a long-time hobbyist focused on creating small, grim, immersive worlds with her never-ending tabletop miniature projects. This entails everything from modelling, sculpting, painting, building scenery and crafting gaming paraphernalia, to writing, graphic design and doing miniature photography. Born, raised and still living in Zagreb, Croatia.

Nicolas Grillet | Adept Procrastinator

Nicolas discovered the Imperium and the World That Was during the third war for Armageddon. Imagining, building and painting miniatures has since then become a positive obsession, opening the way to becoming a professional illustrator. Discovering the Inq28 community radically changed the way he apprehended creativity. He lives in Lausanne, Switzerland, and drinks a lot of tea.

Vince Fiore | Contributor

Vince is a relapsing hobby addict returning after a 10 year cleanse. He has been dragged back into the hobby, recruiting the grimmest denizens of hive cities, knocking on the doors of inhabitants in the darkest corners of the 40k universe, collecting the untold stories. Enthusiastic model builder and painter, major contributor to the Mare Solum world building project, and general forum troll.

Kristian Simonsen | Contributor

Kristian has been in the hobby for about 25 years; mostly as a modeller and painter, even for painting competitions from time to time. By delving into Inq28 and all that it entails, Kristian is discovering storytelling both in miniature and writing. When he is not making miniatures, writing about them or playing with them, Kristian runs and excercises, paints in oils, draws and plays the guitar.

Eric Wier | Contributor

Eric has been exploring the dark and evocative worlds of the 41st millennium for a long time. While he started with Warhammer 40,000, GorkaMorka was the first Games Workshop game that he played properly, which laid the foundations for his fascination with narrative-based skirmish games. He is an avid writer and assembler of models, who has recently decided he cannot ignore painting forever. He and his two brothers live scattered across the USA.

Gregory Wier | Contributor

Gregory first found miniature gaming at the tail end of the 2nd edition of Warhammer 40,000, where he and his two brothers quickly became enthralled. As a biologist, he has a keen eye for detail which he uses to impart some realism into a hobby that is largely devoid of it. He may never play a game of 40K again, but he will always fondly remember his Space Ork army and that cardboard dreadnought that came in the 2nd edition boxed game (which he affectionately named Kardy).

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  1. What would you think about an article about my first experiences in the hobby?

    • Hi, we are always interested in new contributors. If you have a good idea then please send us an outline detailing what you would like to write about. It is a good idea to check out the submissions page for more details.

  2. Would you be interested in an article about my first experiences in the hobby?

  3. Awesome artists ! You should add some links to their website / blog / facebook page or instagram to help people discorer the xhole range of their incredible work / imagination / skills. 🙂

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