We’re midway through the Ian Miller 28 Mag Challenge! We have already seen so many fantastic WIPs and entries; seek out #28magchallenge on social media to discover them.

For those who are hearing about it for the first time, the challenge is to create anything inspired by the artwork of Ian Miller. It could be Dark Age of Sigmar, INQ28, a single miniature, a unit, trees, fish, weird buildings – anything you want to make, as long as it is clearly influenced by the artwork of Ian Miller.

You can find the full rules below. The challenge will run until the end of July, and you can submit your finished work to submissions@28-mag.com (just add “28magchallenge” in the subject line).


The challenge runs from 1st June (that’s today!) to 31st July and there will be prizes! The competition will be judged by Ian Miller himself, along with our very own Ana Polanšćak and Alexander Winberg.

Here are some basic rules:

1. The challenge runs from 1st June to 31st July
2. There is only one category that covers EVERYTHING (no matter what you make)
3. Conversions, scratch builds, sculpting – anything goes!
4. We encourage the sharing of WIP shots, and you can use the #28magchallenge hashtag when doing so

In order to enter your completed piece, please send your final photos before 31st July to: submissions@28-mag.com, being sure to add “28magchallenge” in the subject line.

The winners/runners up will feature in a special Hazmat gallery feature in 28. So, what are you waiting for? We can’t wait to see some weird and wonderful creations!

Good luck and remember to use the #28magchallenge hashtag when sharing WIP shots!



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